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Goodman air conditioners are another of the top HVAC AC units on this list that isn't quite as revered as Trane or Carrier. They are known for being cheaper in price range, but still being a good brand to rely on. If you wanted to install a Goodman GSX 14 SEER AC unit you could expect to pay $3,188 to $4,275 in total installation costs.

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Trane XV95 TUH1BO80R9V with Trane XL802 thermostat and F100 Honeywell 4 inch air filtering system. would appreciate your thoughts and comments in general on any significant differences (pluses and minuses) between these brands.
I have found Trane/AS to be consistant as far as quality and the units are a bit more rugged in my opinion. All the controls on anyones unit are troublesome until you learn them. York & Carrier are very flimsy and cheap. JMHO. But it is a competitive market none of them are made to be great especially the 3-20 tonners.
Which furnace is better Trane or Carrier? Gas Furnace Blower Trane uses a four-speed PSC motor while the Carrier has a variable-speed ECM blower motor. The clear winner here is the variable speed blower. It is far more efficient having a soft-start capability and it helps increase the SEER rating of the air conditioner in the summer.
Mar 02, 2020 · Trane’s climate business accounted for about 80% of the old Ingersoll Rand’s revenue and is expected to have annual revenue of more than $12 billion for the new, focused climate company.
Efficient performance. The S9V2-VS furnace includes features to maximize your home efficiency in both heating and the cooling seasons. During the winter, this ENERGY STAR rated furnace is rated at 97% AFUE, meaning it uses less gas to heat your home versus less efficient models.
Overview. If you live in an area where short, mild winters are balanced with long, humid summers and budget is a primary concern in your decision process, this may be a furnace you'll appreciate. This furnace is built to last with solid performance backed by a 20-year heat exchanger limited warranty 1 and the exceptional Carrier standard warranty.
Are Trane, York, and Carrier all decent brands? She's planning on staying in the house at least 10 years, probably more like 15 or so. Is it worth getting a higher efficiency furnace/AC? Also, can someone explain the benefits of a dual stage...
The Carrier dealer is about 30 to 40 miles away, pretty expensive, but I too know they will do a good job as they installed the furnaces in my old school. Heil units are cheaper than Carrier units, hands down. For the upside for Carrier: Carrier is a more well known (and respected) brand over Heil.

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