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click lines and select customer and set the prepayment amount. put the sales order number in payment reference field to link this prepayment with the sales order. and set prepayment journal voucher to yes and posting profile. 3- post payment journal and check prepayment for your sales order again. as you see the amount in prepayment affected by ...

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Dynamics AX 2012 - Vendor Prepayments on Purchase Order Vendor's prepayment in procurement process is a very common practice and in such scenario an organization should be able to track purchase order & their prepayments. Earlier in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, it was not possible to make a prepayment related to a purchase order and these ...
Purchasing agent creates the purchase order and submits a request to AP coordinator to process prepayment: Create a new purchase order under Accounts Payable module for vendor 3107, Alpine Electronics.
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Sep 27, 2012 · Prepayment is manual process in ax 2009 , and no link to prepayment and PO. In 2012 , automated the process of prepayment to settled against PO to help to prevent over double payment. Parameters can be set to post prepayment to be directed to different PP (Posting profile)
IMPORT MAIN ACCOUNTS USING DATA IMPORT FRAMEWORK | AX 2012 R3. Import Vendor Groups using Data Import framework | AX 2012 R3. To get new posts and updates, please follow the blog by clicking the Join this site Button in the top-right side under my personal information. Labels: DIXF, Fixed Assets. 14 comments. Add a comment. Top comments
3. select the prepayment and amount to apply to the vendor invoice and then click the Apply prepayment button, the prepayment line is added to the invoice 4. when i click the Financial - subledger button in order to review the final voucher before posting, you can see the voucher is not correct since tax are not correct, so when I post the ...
Adam spent 13 years at a large manufacturing company, serving primarily as a process engineer. While there he served as a business process analyst for their AX 2012 R2 implementation. Having served in many roles, Adam shares his experience as a team lead, project manager, trainer, and liaison to vendors and suppliers.

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